Digital medical platform

The Numedy is a digital medical platform that creates digital twins of medical practices and its patients. It operates in real time and manages all information in one digital space for everyone who provides or receives medical services. It is a Cloud-based EHR platform that includes all possible software solutions used in healthcare, such as MIS, HIS, RIS, PACS, LIMS, EMR, DICOM Viewer and other. It also provides communication services (such as video-conferences, messenger, email exchange, audio-calls), data exchange with external resources (government websites, accounting systems, insurance companies websites), fiscal data (cash receipts), acquiring (wire transfers) and others. The platform provides all the MIS-required features: electronic registration, workstations, workload planning (for offices, equipment, and specialists), staff work schedules, a virtual queuing system, automatic data exchange management (DICOM, HL7, medical reports, records, prescriptions, referrals, etc.) and executive management of clinics (various settings, types of accounting and reports)

Patient Portal

Patient Atlas is the patient`s account, and it`s features are the following: viewing the results of a medical study (reports, images, videos, graphs), viewing the dynamics (history) of medical measurements, sending files to a medical specialist, video-consultations with physicians, patient`s event calendar (pregnancy management, women`s cycles, appointments, use of medication, etc.) and event reminders, online appointments and video-consultations, calling a doctor, viewing the documents (certificates and statements, medical records, prescriptions, referrals, disability certificates, etc.), patient`s ratings of the service quality, online payment services, chats, and notifications, adding family user accounts. The Web-version is available for all browsers, and mobile apps are available for Android and iOS devices