Digitization station

The digitization station allows uploading patient’s digital documents and files into Numedy. The inputted files are stored in Numedy and can be viewed by the users for diagnosis purposes, decision making, or studying the dynamics of any conditions

The digitization station is provided as a separate workplace. This is necessary due to the special equipment requirements which allows to identify a patient correctly so that different users could input uniquely labeled data. Numedy supports various file formats such as DICOM, bmp, jpeg, pdf, avi, mp4, mkv, mp3, etc.

At the Digitization station digital copies of paper documents can be created, files from USB or CD can be transferred, or X-ray results can be converted into digital copies. By using a high-resolution camera and a negatoscope, a digital copy of an X-ray film can be made. The quality of such digital copies is superior to the ones created by specialized X-ray film scanners

The video demonstrates a training course on how to use the Digitization station interface provided with the overview of the basic features. It shows how to log into the station and end the session, how to add data or document attributes, how to scan paper documents, how to import files from a media, how to digitize an X-ray film, etc.