Functional diagnostics station

The functional diagnostics station is for receiving data from the functional diagnostics equipment. Further data processing, medical reports description, are all done at the Telemedicine Center

At the functional diagnostics station, specialists can read data obtained from resting electrocardiography, exercise electrocardiography, Holter electrocardiography, daily blood pressure monitoring , spirometry, cardiotocography, electroencephalography, etc. The station supports equipment from a variety of manufacturers

The Functional Diagnostics Station interface is in Full HD resolution. Numedy is installed at the Functional Diagnostics Station. Device Manager for working with hardware and functional diagnostics devices. While running electroencephalography, the station will work with a video camera, microphone, and speaker system

The video demonstrates a training course on the Functional Diagnostics Station interface with the overview of the basic features. Data export, adding template phrases of patient`s complains, measuring patient`s height and weight, filling in the women`s calendar, inviting a patient in advance, and other functions are shown