Viewer is a versatile tool and an interface for working with images, videos, graphs, and data. Information is processed at the data center via cloud rendering services, and resulting visual information is transmitted to the user`s web-browser windows. However, the files are not transferred or saved to the user workplace, which guarantees a reliable protection of personal data

Personalized settings are available for users. The profiles can be created according to the role and a workplace type. Depending on the context of the processed information, users receive essential and concise directions and hints

Viewer allows working with various file formats and data: DICOM, df+, vep, vef, bam, bmp, jpeg, and other image formats, pdf, avi, mp4, mkv, and other video formats, mp3, etc. One can create and process MPR and 3D renderings, perform special calculations and visualizations of medical functions and processes, including mapping and computation of blood flow, fluid dynamics, perform tissue assessments, create graphs and diagrams, etc.

The video demonstrates a basic training course on how to work with Viewer. It provides an overview of the main features: opening and closing objects, working with windows, cursors, buttons, and navigation, image editing and measurement tools, calibration and annotation options, working with 3D/MPR models, and Wave formats (using ECG), key images option, and the possibilities and options of the interface and tools settings are shown