Medical protocols

Medical protocols are needed for recording all the actions and information in regard to medical services: measurements, comments, texts of protocols, and reference items

The Medical protocols option includes: measurement input, including an automatic transfer of measurements from the equipment, leaving text comments, adding information on tissue formations, viewing measurements dynamics, selecting recommended services out of reference books with forming referrals, selecting diagnoses from the ICD classifier, adding prescriptions, inserting images to the printed form, and creating X-ray images for printing

Medical protocols contain fully editable text fields. When forming a medical protocol, doctors can add a blood type, measure patents` height and weight, fill in women`s calendar, enter anamnesis into the Anamnesis window, carry out patients` questionnaire, and view images and videos that were taken as part of the service

The video course demonstrates how to work with medical protocols. The main functions overview is provided. The instruction video helps with creating a medical protocol and shows how to add measurements and comments, how to use text phrase templates, how to edit information, how to insert images into protocols, and generate x-ray scans