Video-conferencing is an online meeting of doctors, paramedics, nursing staff, and patients where all necessary video consultations are performed. Video-conferences can be held by a doctor with other physicians during the patent`s appointment, same as any patient located remotely can contact doctors in the clinics

The Doctor Workplace has all the necessary equipment for video-conferences (monitor, computer, two cameras, speakerphone). Video-conferences are managed in the Workplace interface of the Communicator module. There is an option to share the screen with the participants of the video-conference. All video-conferences are recorded, and can be replayed later by the participants

Any patient who, for some reason (cannot leave home, at work, or on holiday), is not able to be at the clinic can use the Patient atlas to book an appointment online for a video-conference with a doctor from the Telemedicine Centre or from any other clinic. Patients can use any camera-equipped device (desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone)

There is a Quick (Emergency) Video-conference option available for a patient directly on the medical protocol in the Patient atlas. It is convenient for patients who need a consultation regarding the lab test results, X-ray scans, MRI or CT, functional diagnostics. The video-conference is held with the doctor who made that particular medical report

The video demonstrates the video-conference management training course for a doctor. It shows how to begin and end video-conferences, how to connect and disconnect participants, how to share the screen during the conference, and how to accept invitations to join other video-conferences