Specimen Reception station

The Specimen Reception station is used for creating workflows for laboratory analyses. Incoming biological specimens are registered at the station: the containers are barcoded and the required information about the patient is entered as text. The tests (and corresponding medical protocols) are done at the laboratory

At the Specimen Reception station, the color and type of the container are visually determined before applying barcodes. Test tubes, microscope slides, and sample containers are displayed at the sample reception station after scanning the barcode on the patient`s visit ticket. The barcodes are printed automatically for subsequent identification of containers at the laboratory

The Specimen Reception station interface is in Full HD resolution. Numedy is installed at the Specimen Reception station. Device Manager. This service is for authorization, scanning a barcode of the visit ticket, and barcoding containers

The Specimen reception station has STARTED and FINISHED service status options. Choosing the status helps to form a virtual queue of the Specimen reception station, and the processing stage of patients` visits is broadcasted via Reception Desk interface