Doctor Workplace

The Doctor Workplace interface provides doctors with all necessary tools: creating and viewing medical protocols, office workload schedule, the Communicator module (managing phone calls, messages, video conferences). It can be used by various medical specialists such as physicians, pediatricians, cardiologists, endocrinologists, sonographers etc.

When receiving a patient, the status of the medical service is set in the physician`s Workplace interface by selecting STARTED, FINISHED and READY. All the past, current, and future visits and services are shown in the workload schedule, and all medical protocols can be opened with a mouse click. The necessary services can be added directly during the patient`s visit

In the interface, the doctor can see the journal of medical protocols of the current patient, and also can view the office workload schedule. By using the interface physicians can exchange messages, make/receive phone calls, and hold video-conferences. During the appointment medical protocols are created where doctors specify all the necessary information, and are able to view measurement dynamics and comments

The video course demonstrates the Doctor Workplace interface functionality: how to initiate and finish sessions and services, how the Office Workload schedule works, how to create a medical protocol, how to view your work calendar for the current month, and how to add more services