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How it works
The digital medical platform Numedy creates digital twins of medical clinics and patients. It allows all participants of the medical service to work and manage the data in one digital space
All in one
The Numedy platform includes all possible software and services used in healthcare systems. Programs and services are installed at the data center and function as a part of the Cloud system, interacting with one another as a whole
The platform layout
The Numedy platform is a cloud-based system where all programs and services are located at the data center. Medical clinics are linked to the data center via secure connection channels (via Numedy.MIS and equipment management services); clinic staff (via Numedy.Staff), as well as patients (via Atlas), customers, and insurance companies (via Numedy.Customer). In medical clinics, workplaces (work nodes) and equipment are connected to the platform
The Data Center Structure
The data center consists of the following sections: the public section, the private section, and the network hub. The public section provides services for patients, medical staff, business partners, and insurance companies. It hosts various customer resources as well. The private section is responsible for service functionality in clinics and data exchange with various equipment. The network hub provides users with access to the public and private sections, different access types, and protects communication channels
The Division structure
Divisions and branches consist of network nodes and work nodes. A network node includes network equipment that provides cryptographic channels for data transmission, firewall, and intrusion prevention system (IPS). Work nodes include various equipment (medical devices, computers, printers, scanners, fiscal registers, etc.) connected to the network node. The Numedy.Device Manager service is installed on work nodes to interact with certain types of hardware
Rendering layout
The cloud rendering service is a set of services that process data and files of nearly every format (images, videos, graphs, numeric arrays, etc.) at the data center and transmit the results as images to the Numedy platform user interface. Rendering tasks are managed primarily by the Viewer service
The electronic signature layout
The electronic signature is issued and utilized in a cloud environment, with private and public electronic signature keys and the information to be signed not being transferred to users` devices. Simultaneously, the necessary legal confirmation of medical documents is being done
The Communicator layout
The Numedy. Communicator service is a link between the platform and various messengers or communication systems
Interaction with external resources
External resources (government websites and registries, other websites, accounting systems, insurance companies’ websites, Google maps, authorization systems, etc.) are linked via the Numedy. Exchange service